Wizo’s Blurb #3

Hello sexy people! This weeks blurb has a bit of a brag and a tease. First the brag. We were at E3 forging connections, talking to people, and doing….things that maybe we should speak of. (Like party…a lot) This is good though since it is making us have a somewhat more strict schedual on when to release, develop, etc. Now for the tease and more interesting/immediate thing at hand. We not this week, but next week will be doing some twitch streaming of games, us doing dnd, and other fun things. This will not only be fun, but let everyone see us, the team, and possibly how we think in terms of design for our games. So come back next week to find out the times/days we will be doing this and watch us on our twitch!

-That is all for this week, come back next week to see more of what we are doing.
PS, here is a lil pic of E3 for ya


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