Wizo’s Blurb #6

Hello sexy people! Nothing is going on this week for streaming, twitch, or anything to watch sadly. Why is this? Well some of you may have heard of this little game called ‘Pokemon Go.’ In fact, I am quite sure most of you have the app running on your phone right now since it is a soul sucking beast that gives nothing back except a sense of nostalgia and exercise so… health? But who needs that! It has claimed our CEO and quite a bit of our company as well. So while we are trying to give them drugs, use Freudian therapy, and beat the Pokemon out of them we won’t be bringing anything to you this week. We will still be working on games, but after our highly effective therapy we shall most likely be bringing you some content next week. So read next weeks blurb for more info on that and on trailer info!

That is all for this week, come back next week to see more of what we are doing.



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