Wizo’s blurb #7

Hello sexy people! Streaming D&D and fun stuff this week. Remember how we hinted that we might be doing some things? Well we definitely are! We will be doing live streams of D&D two times this week. The first will be on Tuesday at 8pm and that will be our 1st edition group. The next will be Wednesday at 9pm which will consist of our 5th edition group. This way people can see the old and the new with people failing er… attempting to succeed and gain treasure, loot, and of course not die. To not miss it, here is the twitch link¬†https://www.twitch.tv/dragonlensstudios/profile.


Now that we have content for you ready at the helm to view, what are we doing in making games this week? There will be exploration, quests, and most likely us being lost/conquering technical difficulties as we film for our trailer! That is right! We are going to be bringing a game to you guys soon, and it will be a grand game the likes that this system has (possibly) never seen. Am I over hyping this a bit? Perhaps a bit, but keep reading for more details.


That is all for this week, come back next week to see more of what we are doing.


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