Wizo’s blurb #8

Hello sexy people! Information on the promised trailer, and D&D tellings will be the main subject of this week!

For D&D we had a great first edition session on Tuesday this week and a not so great session for 5th on Wen. We had a great session because it was recorded, and not so great on 5th because audio was jumbled and turned out to be a mess. We may be able to fix it though and let everyone view it on you tube. That is right! We will be putting these recorded sessions onto youtube for everyone to see. So even if you miss the stream, have no fear. A taste of what you will get from our sessions: In 1st edition the players are stuck in a ziggurat trying to escape with a companion that resembles morty from rick and morty. In 5th there was the creation of a new brew, a foul brew called the black tentacle. It is a sailors drink of disgusting slimy taste made from grog, sea water, gin, and tentacles of various tenticly creatures that have sat in a barrel for at least a month to marinate. So tune in for more of these great adventures as our sessions progress.

Now for the second part. Remember the promised trailer and those cool spinning blades?

Virtual Reality Dungeon Concept 2 - Spinning Blades

Spinning blades of death!

Well read an earlier post for a better look, but these blades and more will be coming in our trailer! That is right our trailer is just around the corner for our VR game. We may at the end of the week have a teaser for the trailer, or the trailer itself but regardless there will be a trailer very soon for you all to see. Stay tunned in to find out more about when our trailer will be here, when we will put the D&D streams on youtube, and much more.

That is all for this week, come back next week to see more of what we are doing.


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