wizo’s blurb #9

Hello sexy people! Streams and a teaser are what we have for you this week folks! Lets get the teaser/trailer information out of the way. Technical and life difficulties happened to push the trailer back a bit, but we have a fun teaser for you to see.


That is right! The vr game trailer is going to be fun and full of laughs. We guarantee the best quality trailer for you to enjoy! In fact, it will be better than any a triple A studio has put out! But that is our teaser for the trailer which will be out next week people. That is right, come back next week in order to see the trailer for our great game!

Now trailers and games are nice and all, but what can you expect now? What can people expect to see before the entire week comes to a close? Well there is no need to worry my fabulous reader, because we are here for you. We are having two streams happening this week. One is our second session of D&D 5th edition on saturday at 6pm Mountain Standard Time (MST), right here https://www.twitch.tv/dragonlensstudios

But I don’t like D&D and all you guys do is stream D&D for us! Well that is because it is awesome, but not for everyone so we hear you! More precisely, our resident Vinyl has heard you. He will be bringing you something else to watch on Wednesday at noon (12pm) MST. What game is he streaming? Well it is a new one called paragon. If you want anymore then you will have to stream or research and lets be honest, why would we ever research what we can watch? So there you have it! No pictures for Paragon or anything to spoil it.

I hope you have enjoyed this weeks lovely blurb. That is all for this week, come back next week to see more of what we are doing.


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