Wizo’s blurb #11 No Man’s sky stream

Hello sexy people! Last week we brought you a trailer and a short blurb, but today we bring you streams. Specifically No Man’s Sky and 1st edition D&D. Both of these games will be on Wednesday as well.

Our first game up is No Man’s Sky by our very own Vinyl. He will be streaming his usual time at noon on Wednesday. See what the hype is about. Is no man’s sky interesting? Boring? What specifically is no man’s sky and why has there been so much talk about it? Now is your time to find out!


The other stream we will have is for you people of the night, the Nosferatu! Well pretty much since it starts at 9pm on the same day. This stream is for our first edition dungeons and dragons game to show what old school was like. No skills, no luck, no brains, our players are in The Lost City and possibly going to die if good old Jordi wasn’t there to save them.

The only other thing for this week is a reminder, watch the trailer. At the end it tells when we will have our first game released to you our wonderful audience. We hope that you enjoy it. As a reminder, here is a link to our twitch channel


That is all for this week, come back next week to see more of what we are doing.



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