Wizo’s blurb #18

Hello sexy people! Our progress on DEVR is coming along slowly, but progressing never the less. That is why in the meantime we have streams and other stuff for you! We just had a D&D stream yesterday which… Read More

Wizo’s blurb #17

Hello sexy people! There is not too much going on here at dragonlense to report. We do however have a stream for you to watch this week! Sadly, it is not the ever reliable Vinyl. He has failed… Read More

Wizo’s blurb #16

Hello sexy people! Propaganda is what we will be doing this week. Not the propaganda for our site oh heavens no! We are already the the best on the block so we will be helping the little guy…. Read More

Wizo’s blurb #14

Hello sexy people! This will be a bit of a ¬†short blurb. I apologize for the tardiness, technical difficulties and thinking that this was at the normal time for some reason. We however will be doing dnd as… Read More

Wizo’s blurb # 12 Showing the trade

Hello sexy people! We will be showing the trade a bit with streams this week. What does that mean you ask? We shall be doing our normal streams of games in addition to a development, or at least… Read More

Wizo’s blurb #11 No Man’s sky stream

Hello sexy people! Last week we brought you a trailer and a short blurb, but today we bring you streams. Specifically No Man’s Sky and 1st edition D&D. Both of these games will be on Wednesday as well…. Read More

Wizo’s blurb #10

Hello sexy people! For this week’s blurb we have for you our trailer! It is of course made from the highest quality possible. Here it is. Dungeon Explorer Virtual Reality! In short, the game can be named DEVR… Read More

wizo’s blurb #9

Hello sexy people! Streams and a teaser are what we have for you this week folks! Lets get the teaser/trailer information out of the way. Technical and life difficulties happened to push the trailer back a bit, but… Read More

Wizo’s blurb #8

Hello sexy people! Information on the promised trailer, and D&D tellings will be the main subject of this week! For D&D we had a great first edition session on Tuesday this week and a not so great session… Read More

Wizo’s blurb #7

Hello sexy people! Streaming D&D and fun stuff this week. Remember how we hinted that we might be doing some things? Well we definitely are! We will be doing live streams of D&D two times this week. The… Read More

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