Our motto is “Bringing retro qualities to new games!”

We are a locally founded Game Studio in Boise, Idaho.

Our company is all about bringing passion and nostalgia back into gaming! We strive to bring a monumental change in the game industry. We embody the pure belief that games should be made for the people who want to immerse themselves in a new world, a new universe full of endless possibilities! A world where they can fully express their inner desires and develop deep connections to characters, the story, and the world. Here at Dragon Lens Studios, we feel that the modern era of gaming has really taken a step in the wrong direction, away from the nostalgic games of our past. We want to implement the feeling of embracing a new universe, a new realm, and bring that deep emotional connection with the characters and story back. That is what new games are missing nowadays and that is our journey, our quest, our goal. So embark on this journey with us! Accept the quest to create this new generation of gaming. Together we can complete this quest!

Jeffery Miller – CEO & Director of Development


I am the CEO and founder of Dragon Lens Studios INC. I founded Dragon Lens Studios with the intention to create a game studio which strives on making games that take us back in time to when gaming was more expressive and more emotionally impacting. Bringing tears to our eyes with joy and sadness, embracing our adventure with our heads up high pushing forward through the adventure we undertook. Games of my childhood had quite an inspiring role in my passion for video games. Final Fantasy, Dragon Quest, Chrono Trigger, Legend of Zelda, Morrowind, and several other amazing games of my childhood. My favorite game genre as you might have guessed is RPG’s typically JRPG’s, but I love all forms of games. My life has been a collection of playing games and learning programming trying to delve into the world of game development at a young age. I started when I was 9 years old. I started modding games to improve them and make them more enjoyable for me and my friends. Then I moved into programming and developing my own mods for games like Morrowind, and Neverwinter. This sparked my programming creativity and passion even further showing that I could make something and have it be playable in a game! I pushed forward with my passion and started programming and working on game design. fast forward to 2014, I decided to create a Game Studio and make the games that I feel there is a lack of nowadays. Good, Classic, Original Rpg’s and adventure games. This sparked my concept for Phantasy Quest, and other titles that we are currently developing. I have a passion for game development and for the future! Now you know a little something about me ^_^

Zach Krizo – COO & Lead Developer

Hello everyone, my name is Zachary Krizo. I graduated from DeVry University in 2013 with a Bachelor of Science in Game and Simulation Programming. I joined Dragon Lens Studios in July of 2014 and have been working diligently for the team since then as a level designer, event scripter, Ruby scripter, and tools programmer.

Matt Barbee – CFO & Web Admin


My name is Matt Barbee, and I am an IT Professional and veteran game developer who brings a lot of business experience to the team. I have a passion for the indie game industry and believe that AAA publishers are largely abandoning the soul that made the industry what it once was. Dragon Lens Studios has a strong team and I will do my best to help this company succeed.

Jim Clark  – Developer


I’ve been a dedicated student of Software Development since 2005. I started out with C++, but ended up focusing on Java for a good while. I now have extensive experience with Java, C / C++,  C#, and Ruby.


Justin Fitzpatrick (jdfskitz) Graphic Designer & Developer


I am a Lead Graphic Designer and Programmer for Dragon Lens Studios INC. I discovered Dragon Lens Studios with the initiative and creative goal to make and push forward a  game studio which strives on making games that remind us of what was great in classic games, the difficulty and the mechanics which made them truly feel exciting and enjoyable.  Quite a few games I grew up with had a large impact and an inspiring role in my passion for video games development and graphic design. Legend of Zelda, Super Mario World/64, Diablo 2, Final Fantasy series(primarily for graphics but great story as well), and even some games in the present have caught my attention such as Undertale. My favorite game genre is RPG’s, I played World of Warcraft when it was new (after playing through a lot of Warcraft 3 and Diablo 2), and have played a few JRPG’s that have hooked me. My life has been a collection of playing games and learning programming, playing music such as Saxophone and Guitar, and Graphic Design since I was young. I started when I was 11 years old. I started hosting private servers, modding them and messing with Linux. The reason I actually got into private servers was because my brother kept punching me every day I didn’t have a server up to his lack of account (blocked by parents). But when I got my server up I discovered a passion in graphic design and web development after messing around with a crap load of SQL. my graphic design evolved over time from Signatures -> Web Development -> Logo Design -> Wallpapers -> To what it is now with digital art and sprite art. On the programming side of things I refused to use anything but C++ for the longest time and regretted it entirely as I would have learned so much more if I accepted to use another language. BUT I did force myself to learn and the importance of reference pages. So.. now you know more than others about me 🙂 Lets get this ball rolling!


Sam Casto (Ganjalf) Writer


Hello. My name is Samuel J. M. Casto. To put it simply, I write. That is what I do with Dragon Lens Studios. I started working with the rest of the team for our debut project Phantasy Quest: The Prologue. I also happen to voice Asmodeus in that project.

Outside of Dragons Lens, I write fantasy and science fiction. I hope to self-publish one of the stories that I’m currently working on by the end of the year, but I’ll talk more about that when the time comes…

In my spare time I enjoy playing games rather than creating them. Well, I do act as Dungeon Master fairly often as well… I’m also an avid reader. I’m currently re-reading The Lord of the Rings since it’s such a classic and the last series I read was The Dark Tower. Someone out there will get the significance.

I guess that’s me. It’ll have to do since social networking isn’t really my thing.

Mihir (Fynnick) Game Designer


I am a Game Designer and love a variety of games. I’m also an avid reader/writer and especially enjoy RPGs and as such anything with good narrative. Experimenting with different types of gameplay mechanics is something I frequently do. I also enjoy trying out different things and learning about them, by doing as well as through theory. I am capable team player and have also been at leadership positions for several projects.

 I am very passionate about Writing and Designing new and unique elements with regards to both gameplay and story.

 I have completed my Video Game Director Degree from DSK Supinfogame for Game Design and Project Management in June 2014. I am looking for opportunities in Game and Level Design along with Writing that allow me to work with large scale and ambitious projects, using these opportunities to both make my mark while also aiming to better myself and acquire new skills, which I can use to create even better works.

Leaf Nelson (Magnus Vir) Concept Artist


I am a concept artist for Dragon Lens Studios. I make a large amount of rough sketches that range from creatures, to maps, to puzzles, to game ideas. Usually my art starts as some base point for someone else. Sometimes my art I make simply is to inspire other people to be creative and give them ideas.

Outside of DLS I play many video games (go figure, right?). I play table top games, mostly dungeons and dragons. I also make random drawings for myself. I sometimes go to college stuff, studying mostly science and mathematics. I really enjoy Physics and Biology.

Kyle Carter (aka wizo) – Lead Writer


Obviously I love games. I have been playing them since I was young, even dming since I was the age of 10. Consistently. I constantly stay informed and try to learn from every game genera possible, even board games. I love design, mechanics, and am going to learn to program hopefully soon. (So everything except art, which shall always remain a mystery to me). Along with this, I am the greatest wizard you have ever seen, and at times the most obnoxious bard in existence.

Skyler (Vinyl) Social Media Director & Game Tester


Well I am a people person love to play video games and tend to talk a lot and loves to have a good time with friends and is a workaholic

Andrew (EchoTempo) Voice Actor


I am dood. Not prinny, not prinny at all… But i’m a gamer who is putting his love of games, writing, and drawing to use to help create new memorable experiences for new and old gamers, i do voices, and i’m sarcastic at least half the time you talk to me, unless you let me know its something serious beforehand, in which case i know how to handle myself in a serious manner. If you ever have questions, just ask.

Jamie (Skrat / 5QU1RR3L) Lead Composer


5QU1RR3L (pronounced “Squirrel”) is the new alias of the artist Sir Skratallion.

5QUIRR3L and Sir Skratallion are a also part of S.A.D.F.A.C.E. Productions, a multi-purpose music agency located in Boise, Idaho, USA.

5QU1RR3L is Jamie “Skrat” Manning, a 21 year old with a love for music and a passion for technology. In grade school, he picked up a flute and joined the school orchestra. In middle school, he picked up a guitar and joined a jazz band. In high school, he broke away from the structured life of classical music and joined a rock band with his friends, picking up the bass guitar, the keyboard, and the drums along the way, meanwhile educating himself on music studio software and the pros and cons of using computers with music.

5QU1RR3L spends countless hours in Ableton Live producing anything from Drum and Bass to Electro to Trip-hop to RocknRoll, and looks up to artists like PENDULUM, THE QEMISTS, THE BLOODY BEETROOTS, MGMT, DYNASTY ELECTRIC and countless others!

5QU1RR3L will book both live shows and DJ sets.

James (Jaguar) Assistant Composer


James, needs a description. COMING SOON!?

Darian (Dosanguine) Lead Game Tester


Darian, needs a description. COMING SOON!?




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